About Kelly

Kelly O’Horo, LPC, has been a therapist since 2010 and fell in love with EMDR therapy as a client first! She is passionate about being a trauma therapist as she has a lot of personal experience with trauma. She is a mother of 5 (four Veterans) and married to a wonderful survivor of C-PTSD, who is now also a counselor. They have 5 grandkids and, as the matriarch of the family, with an enneagram of 2, she is a natural helper and healer.

Kelly believes the therapy office is the classroom for the “life stuff” our clients weren’t taught before, about emotions, coping skills, and developmentally appropriate responses for today. Formerly a public-school educator of 15 years, she enjoys helping clinicians to develop into becoming their best EMDR therapist through the consultation process. Kelly specializes in attachment and implicit trauma and dissociation throughout the lifespan. “The difference between an EMDR therapist that is a carpenter as opposed to a craftsman is rooted in exquisite attunement, excellent consultation, and trust in the process.”

Kelly O’Horo

Kelly O’Horo, LPC, EMDR Facilitator, Approved Consultant, Certified EMDR Clinician, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Founder of Infinite Healing and Wellness, and Host: Adaptable Behavior Explained.

Training and Presenting

Kelly has over 15 years of experience training and presenting since her first career as a public-school teacher. She served as faculty in Basic Training for the EMDR Institute, The Humanitarian Assistance Program, and The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy, where she was mentored by Deany Laliotis for over 10 years. She began as a basic trainer for The Center until developing her own training company in 2023. As a lifelong learner herself, she is now mentored by Dr. Andrew Leeds, and is honored to present his Basic EMDR Therapy curriculum at Infinite Learning. Dr. Leed’s and his curriculum is approved not only by EMDRIA, but by EMDR Europe, holding the highest standards for approval of content and trainers.

In addition to teaching EMDR Therapy, Kelly has presented on trauma & EMDR Therapy at countless workshops and conferences including the Arizona Counseling Association Annual Conference, The National Disaster Preparedness Summit, and several school districts in Arizona. Kelly has also shared her passion with first responders while presenting at several fire and police department conferences, trainings, and workshops all over the state of Arizona.

Kelly has also had the honor to serve as the keynote speaker at two university graduations for The University of Phoenix.

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